Learn. Reflect.
Mobilise. Grow.

As part of the LRMG Group of Companies, our calling is to ignite a growth movement of economic success and human development on the African continent that resounds like the eagle’s call.

Learn. Reflect. Mobilise. Grow.

As part of the LRMG Group of Companies, our calling is to ignite a growth movement of economic success and human development on the African continent that resounds like the eagle’s call.

We believe that it is people’s collective engagement and capability that create growth at both a personal and an organisational level.​

We help integrate Soul, Spirit and Business Acumen, relevant to what you, your people and clients need in our ever-changing reality, to co-create sustainable results and growth.​​

LRMG has offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town in South Africa, Nairobi in Kenya, and representation across 18 other African countries.

About DigitalCampus - two people talking
About DigitalCampus - Team working together

About DigitalCampus​

When you need to move forward, build depth and breadth in your knowledge and skills, and prepare for the new world of work, you need a single point of access to learning that meets your needs. You need the best that local and international tertiary and scholastic institutions offer – on a platform that delivers value consistently. You need a trusted partner that keeps you moving forward.  

DigitalCampus partners with the best to bring digitally enabled learning to you, to ignite high performance and place trusted accreditation in the palm of your hand.

Trusted Certification in the Palm of your Hand

“With us you do not study alone – you have learning journey partners and tutors that guide you on your online learning journey and you get to interact with fellow students and lecturers.”

Gavin Olivier | LRMG Managing Executive & Senior Partner

Meet The DigitalCampus Team

Gavin Olivier - DigitalCampus


Managing Executive & Senior Partner

Ntombifuthi Nkosi - DigitalCampus



Morgan Rhoda - DigitalCampus


Learning Designer

Ketsi Bapela - DigitalCampus


Senior Learning Coordinator

Thato Payela - DigitalCampus


Course Coordinator

Jannie Heneyke - DigitalCampus


Operations Executive & Junior Partner

Busisiwe Ramekgoe - DigitalCampus


Project Coordinator

Lucy Hall - DigitalCampus


LMS Administrator

Tshepiso Tshumane - DigitalCampus


Learning Journey Administrator

Nomkhitha Mchophele - DigitalCampus

Nomkhitha Mchophele

Course Coordinator

Denise Pivacic - DigitalCampus


Learning Journey Manager

Taryn Haynes-Smart - DigitalCampus

Taryn Haynes-Smart

Head: Product Development

Meet our Wits Stakeholders

Duncan Raftesath - DigitalCampus


Chief Executive Officer - Wits Enterprise

Dimple Patidar - DigitalCampus


Director - Wits Enterprise Short Courses

Interested in what DigitalCampus has to offer?

Gavin Olivier - DigitalCampus

Gavin Olivier: Managing Executive & Senior Partner

Gavin has a vision of reaching people and growing their effectiveness beyond their own expectations. He believes that all people are filled with potential and knows that they need encouragement and an indomitable will to realise their dreams.

When asked to share his thoughts on DigitalCampus, Gavin had this to say: “The DigitalCampus team are an exceptional group of people. I am inspired by their passion, creativity and tenacity. The partnership with universities and colleges affords DigitalCampus the opportunity to positively shape the lives of professionals in business, as well as that of students/learners making their way into the world of work and study, by offering relevant online short courses that measurably make an impact on their performance and prepare them for the road ahead. The quality of the learning experience is fundamental to their success and I believe we have developed an exceptional catalogue of online courses and partnerships that continues to grow.”

Gavin is an avid golfer and holds on to Gary Player’s famous quote: “The more I practice, the luckier I get.”

“Practice, learning and growth are key to developing the skills needed to be relevant in the world of work – are you practicing enough?” – Gavin Olivier

Ntombifuthi Nkosi : Operations Administrator

I am a self-motivated and confident team player with strong commitment to customer service. I am passionate about education and training and love helping people advance their careers. Through years of work and experience in various administrative roles, I believe in building strong relationships with clients and providing them with world class service.

Morgan Rhoda: Learning Designer

I am a learning designer, who is devoted to making the experience of learning, a simple, yet significant one. As such, I’ve worked with universities such as the London School of Economics and Political Science, Yale School of Management, and Wits University, to develop world class, evergreen and engaging online short courses.

Ketsi Bapela: Senior Learning Journey Coordinator

We are proud to introduce Ketsi Bapela, Course Coordinator for DigitalCampus. Her role as Course Coordinator is to guide students through every aspect of their learning journey and to ensure that every student has the very best learning experience. Ketsi says that it is great to hear different stories from learners on how they are doing in life and how doing their chosen course is helping them discover their unknown potential and also enabling them to perform better in their roles at work. Being able to be in contact with so many people digitally is a great experience and shows no matter how far apart you are, with good technology the world is a small world. Ketsi is an energetic and enthusiastic person who enjoys a challenge and achieving personal goals, always eager to learn and experience new things in life.


Thato Payele: Learning Journey Coordinator

We are proud to introduce Thato Payele, Course Coordinator for DigitalCampus. Her role as Course Coordinator is to guide students through every aspect of their learning journey and to ensure that every student has the very best learning experience. Thato says that learning and self-development lies close to her heart because she believes that economic development in South Africa and our African continent should begin with better education, skills advancement. Thato has dedicated her life to assisting others in reaching their goals by performing to their optimal level in whatever qualification or self-development short courses they commit themselves to.

Jannie Heneyke - DigitalCampus

Jannie Heyneke: Operations Executive & Junior Partner

Jannie is passionate about people development and helping individuals and organisations develop themselves to reach their full potential.

Jannie has a Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management and various certificates from the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute. His career started out in hospitality management, a multidisciplinary field that married his love of business and working with people. It was this keen business instinct that saw Jannie’s early career flourish, leading him to LRMG in April 2008.

Jannie joined the Group Strategy team as a Junior Consultant, where he quickly proved his worth running the Group’s surveys, collecting and analysing the data, ROE reporting and impact measures. In 2009, Jannie joined the LRx team where he spread his consulting wings and was also responsible for the operational management of the Group’s Design Studio, analytics, culture and employee engagement surveys, financial management, project management, BU operations and ISO audits.

Over the years, and in his various roles, Jannie has cemented his status as a real team player, an irreplaceable jack-of-all-trades. It’s little wonder that he is appreciated by his colleagues for his energy, dynamism, willingness to take on everything assigned to him and more, and his incredible attention to detail. Jannie’s hard work, dedication, loyalty and can-do attitude are admired and valued by his colleagues and his vital contribution makes his team a force to be reckoned with. Thus, it was no surprise when Jannie was invited to become a Junior Partner at LRMG in 2014, and the head of LRMG’s new learning venture, DigitalCampus, in 2015. In the words of Natalie Maroun, LRMG’s Managing Director, “While there is much to celebrate about what makes Jannie so special, the aspects that stand out for me are his ability to not only do everything and anything that you assign to him (the breadth and depth of Jannie’s capability are astounding), but also his willingness to do whatever it takes. He is the ‘go to’ person, the person you can hand anything over to and know without a shadow of a doubt that no ball will ever get dropped and the task will be completed no matter the effort.”

Jannie’s latest role sees him fulfil his passion for people and growing them to their full potential. As Operations Executive of DigitalCampus, he’s excited about and proud of the positive impact it can have on people’s lives, and he brings all his passion, energy and get-it-done attitude to taking himself, his learners, and LRMG to greater heights.

In Jannie’s role he manages the day-to-day operations of Wits DigitalCampus and plays a pivotal role in representing Wits DigitalCampus to business and corporate stakeholders in a marketing and sales role. Jannie strives to work constantly with his clients to advise them of the best solutions that will have the greatest impact on the learners’ lives as well as the organisation, thus building long lasting partnerships.

Busisiwe is a project coordinator who describes herself as extroverted and always up for a challenge. She plays the role of project managing bespoke learning journeys designed at meeting specific client needs. As part of the implementation team, she ensures that the client’s needs are met but also those of the learners on the journey. As a course coordinator, she walks the learning journey with the learner’s course ensuring that they have a seamless learning experience, one that can help them reach their professional and personal protentional. She recently completed her studies in PR and communications. She is a team player who loves engaging and working with a diverse group of people. She is always aware of trending topics in her environment, the tech space as well as those in current affairs. She is passionate about bringing an element of innovation, pushing barriers, and the ability to be agile in the spaces she finds herself in. She has travelled in and around Africa on missionary service, work, training, and volunteer work. This experience has exposed her to different cultures, learning cultures, and the world of media around us. Her life’s journey has taught her that how she shows up is very important because she is a brand, and this is a mantra she lives by.

Lucy Hall: LMS Administrator

Lucy comes from a support back round, helping users through their digital experience. Through this journey, she discovered her passion for problem solving and took it upon herself to grow her career in online learning. She is a creative thinker, with technical understanding and cares about what matters most – the user experience. She is genuine and focused on honest collaboration to ensure that DigitalCampus offers the best learning platform. A sailor by nature – “We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails” – Jimmy Dean With this at her core, Lucy believes that no challenge cannot be overcome.

Tshepiso Tshumane: Learning Journey Coordinator

We are proud to introduce Tshepiso, one of our Learning Journey Coordinators. Tshepiso is a self-motivated, authentic and committed individual. She loves being curious because it allows her to learn new things and grants her the ability to face challenges along the way. Tshepiso commented on being part of DigitalCampus as follows: “Being part of DigitalCampus is such a great opportunity for me to help people achieve their dreams and help them to upskill themselves. I believe that education is the fundamental right for every human in the world, so being able to be part of a journey to help people develop themselves and refine their skills is really amazing. Personal development is important because it covers activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability. It also enhances the quality of life and contributes to the realization of one’s dreams and aspirations. A country’s economy grows as the proportion of educated workers increases since educated workers can now efficiently carry out tasks that require literacy and critical thinking, thus making the world a better place to live in.”

We are proud to introduce Nomkhitha Mchophele, Learning Journey Course Coordinator for DigitalCampus. Nomkhitha has experience in working within the education space as a face to face facilitator, Online facilitator, Project Coordinator and Online Course coordinator supporting professionals in both basic education and higher education environment.

She is passionate about supporting professional development as learning opportunities are translated to a positive change in practice as they integrate the learnings in their work space.

As President Nelson Mandela says “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” Her role as Learning Journey Course Coordinator is to guide and support learners through every aspect of the learning journey and to ensure that every learner has a memorable experience.

Denise Pivacic - DigitalCampus

Denise Pivacic: Learning Journey Manager

We are proud to introduce Denise Pivacic, Learning Journey Manager for DigitalCampus. Denise is an experienced Project Manager, Coach, Mentor, Stakeholder Manager and Student Support Specialist. Denise has 15 years’ experience in the field of Training and Education, in the various roles of stakeholder manager, learner support, reporting and management functions. Her role as Learning Journey Manager is to guide all DigitalCampus learners through every aspect of their learning journey and to ensure that every learner has the very best learning experience. Denise has a degree in Social Science from the University of the Free Sate and is a qualified assessor and moderator. Denise describes her leadership capabilities as being strong, extremely focused and meticulous. She coaches, guides and assists fellow team members and learners in achieving the highest possible standards of excellence across all facets of learning and day-to-day activities.

Taryn Haynes Smart: Head - Product Development

Taryn Haynes-Smart has worked in the learning and development industry for close to 20 years, gaining experience in instructor-led, online, and blended learning within the corporate sector as well as for higher and further education in South Africa.  She is an experienced learning, performance and process enablement specialist. Driven by her passion for generating, acquiring and sharing beneficial knowledge, she takes pride in providing the best enablement solutions, strategies and tools possible. As an Executive Consultant, her goals include effective programme management, innovative solution design and reporting, and increased contribution to sustainable growth. Taryn is an avid writer and in addition to her primary responsibilities, she enjoys putting pen to paper to capture her reflections and insightful discoveries. She is a regular contributor to the Wits DigitalCampus Campus Connect newsletter.