With an extensive co-curriculum, a focus on pastoral excellence and growing expertise in digital education through our global digital education platform EtonX.

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Built on Eton College’s standards of excellence established in 1440, EtonX online courses go beyond the curriculum – helping learners gain the skills they need to achieve their goals. EtonX knows that success looks different for everyone, so no matter where students are headed, we can help them get there.

Schools around the world offer EtonX courses to their students to compliment their curriculum and get their students equipped to:

Implementing EtonX in your school

There are a number of different ways to implement EtonX courses to suit your students and your school timetable

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Live Tutor Group

Students join live online classes with an EtonX tutor. This is a great way to bring students from across your school or school group together to learn and collaborate. Students also complete online asynchronous learning sections before each class.

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Blended Approach

Students work on our Self-Study Courses independently and come together for in-school workshops to practise and develop their skills. We provide workshop plans and follow-up activities for most of our courses.

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Independent Study

Students work on our Self-Study Courses independently in their own time – this could be outside of school, or during a set class period. We can advise on best practice to ensure students stay on track with their learning.

What do students get at the end of a course?


At the end of a course, students will receive a certificate to demonstrate their achievement.

In our Self-Study Courses, you’ll learn at your own pace, with interactive, online learning materials.

You want the flexibility to study in your own time and at your own pace.

You prefer to work independently.

Personal Development Plan

Developing the skills needed to succeed doesn’t stop when the course ends. This is why EtonX ask students to choose two SMART goals to continue working on as they apply their skills and knowledge in the real world. The tutor will give personalised feedback on each student’s plan, and advice on how they can reach their goals.


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EtonX has helped students from over 70 countries achieve their goals

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