5 reasons to do a DigitalCampus online course

Deciding to study an online course while juggling a full-time job can be a difficult decision to justify to some, especially as learning does command a fair amount of time.

Additionally, motivating why an employer should consider sponsoring your short course is often daunting as you need to clearly indicate the value that your new-found skills will bring to the business. You also need to back-up your choice with an accredited course such as the Wits DigitalCampus online short courses by demonstrating why our courses offer something you won’t get elsewhere.

Albert Einstein said that if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. We tend to agree, which is why we’ve taken this opportunity to outline five motivating factors supporting your decision to continue your learning online.

1. Relevancy:

This is a pivotal differentiating factor. DigitalCampus courses are targeted at professionals, meaning that they’re devised to be occupationally relevant. All courses aim to address particular skill shortfalls, with content that is both practical and theoretical. Real-world case studies are used to equip you with foundational knowledge and tools to diversify your skills and add value to your company.

2. Convenience

Digital learning means that all course materials are available online, making them easily accessible on any device. This increased accessibility means you can study anywhere, at any time. Learning slots into your life, whether you’re commuting to work, cooking dinner or running on the treadmill.

3. Credibility

Wits DigitalCampus courses are credible – course content is written by senior Wits lecturers who are nationally recognised authorities in their fields. All learning is assessed and you can receive a Certificate of Competence from the university upon course completion.

4. Support

The DigitalCampus Learning Journey team plays an instrumental role in supporting learners from a course’s start to its completion. By answering queries and checking up on learners’ progress, they’ve helped over 90% of learners to complete their courses successfully.

5. Empowerment

By identifying a critical skill gap and addressing it through a short course, you demonstrate your commitment to personal and professional progress. This dedication to online learning and growth helps you stand out to employers, often catalysing a corresponding boost in your career.

DigitalCampus have a number of online courses applicable to multiple industry disciplines and and are ready to assist yous with the first step towards improving your skills. Visit our contact us page and a consultant will be able to assist you with selecting the perfect course for your needs.