Build business acumen to retain relevancy

In a time of retrenchment, diverse skills are key to being invaluable

South Africa has recently experienced a rather volatile economic climate and is likely to remain as the country is impacted by both local and global headwinds. As a result, workforces are being downsized with Statistics South Africa reporting that 113, 000 jobs have been lost around the country in 2017, with Transnet potentially dismissing a further 8000 employees this year.

As a professional, what can you do then to ensure you are viewed as an integral part of the business? Cross-functional and interpersonal skills are becoming the order of the day as businesses pursue
operational effectiveness through maximum productivity. This need has prompted a correlating rise in business-oriented online courses, with many seeking specialist capabilities in time when adding value is imperative.

If you have ‘T’ shaped skills (expert knowledge and a willingness to collaborate), soft capabilities and some basic accounting to boost your current skillset, you’re setting yourself up to be invaluable
to your company. Here are some of the Wits accredited online short courses offered by DigitialCampus which you can use to boost your business acumen:

1.Basic Business Accounting

Ideal for anyone seeking stronger foundational knowledge of
accounting. Learn basic business accounting terms, the knowledge you
need to balance the books, and gain the ability to glean insight
into financial statements to foster greater profitability.

2.Financial Management

Skyrocket your foundational accounting skills to a more advanced
level by understanding how a business strategy impacts on a
business’s budget. Master financial management to take care of
money matters and make yourself invaluable to your company.

3.Principles of Business Management

Accrue the leadership skills that’ll empower you to manage others
in a rapidly evolving business environment. Learn the key elements
that drive effective management, the effect of macro and competitive
business environments, and current leadership theories.

4.Managing Labour Relations

Get to grips with the country’s complex labour landscape and learn the laws that will assist you in navigating the employer/employee relationship successfully. Know your legal rights as an employer or employee and get better at conflict management.

Ensure you retain your relevancy in a fast-paced, technology-led world by diversifying your skillset to improve your productivity and value-add. By investing in your growth as a business professional through continuous learning, you have the potential to acquire new capabilities taking you valuable to any team.

Wits University DigitialCampus has been the partner of choice for many individuals and companies that are striving for excellence. Visit our contact us page and a consultant will be able to assist you with selecting the perfect course for your needs.