Learning that turns the key to business success

A key unlocks a door. In the same way a turnkey is an employee who learns a specific skill that he or she shares with other staff to unlock a business’ potential.

Turnkey learning solutions identify critical skill deficits in the corporate environment and address these with innovative material that builds a solid foundation with real-impact practical applications.

Here are some of the ways a turnkey online short course could benefit your business, therefore optimising the return on investment made on learning:

1. The addressing of skills shortages

Turnkey learning solutions address crucial occupational skills shortages within a business. This means practical solutions to barriers inhibiting growth, productivity and profitability.

2. The fostering of a knowledge-sharing environment

Usually, an employer only funds the upskilling of an employee under the proviso that this individual shares newly acquired capabilities with the rest of the company. This nurtures a learning environment where team members perceive each other as valuable resources to be tapped into.

3. A B-BBEE boost

By actively upskilling staff members and facilitating their progress within a business, a company can receive recognition in terms of Category D on the B-BBEE scorecard.

4. Practical as well as theoretical knowledge

Many employers have noted that employees are often well-versed in theoretical capabilities but struggle to practically apply this knowledge. By providing relevant real-word case studies and adopting a more experiential learning approach, turnkey courses give learners the foundational knowledge and confidence needed to immediately execute strategic capabilities.

5. Streamlined communication and networking

Online courses allow for interaction with preeminent lecturers and other learners – often also professionals from diverse fields. This allows learners to practice their communication skills and to network with potentially useful contacts for the business. In an HR short course especially, communication capabilities are a key focus area.

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