Online learning and other 2017 workplace trends

In 2017, online learning is an indisputable workplace trend, with corporate eLearning reportedly growing by 900% over a 16 year period, and the eLearning market predicted to be worth $182 billion this year.

Why? Because the perception of assets has shifted as companies increasingly appreciate that intellectual capital is their greatest strength. And their staff members are the custodians of this kind of capital.

This need to invest in people has translated into the first trend – the rise of continuous learning for corporate team members. This need to acquire new capabilities to add to a diverse skillset has additionally been driven by the unprecedented upsurge of technology. With this in mind, here are some of the other trends we’re seeing come into fruition in 2017:


Global workplace trends in 2017:

1. A focus on culture and employee engagement:

Company culture has been shown to be of particular importance to millennials. And with millennials being the up-and-coming leadership generation, this weight on culture is already infiltrating as a business imperative. With this comes a renewed emphasis on soft skills and collaboration, so employees can expect an increase in interactive workshops that explore employee satisfaction and values. Leadership will evolve as a new focus on upward feedback increases the accountability of a leader to her team.

2. An increase in performance reviews:

Say goodbye to the traditional review process as formal, annual reviews are replaced with regular, informal performance discussions, which allow line-managers to check in with each team member. Weekly feedback (daily, in some cases) sessions mean that KPIs are more important than ever. Goals extend to employees’ professional development – online learning will become increasingly important as KPIs clearly indicate where skill shortages need to be addressed.

3. A need for flexibility:

Generations X, Y & Z team up with millennials and baby boomers in a workplace that will have a wider age spectrum than ever before. Technological advances, globalisation and change meet a growing trend towards questioning the status quo.
The sentence “that’s the way we’ve always done it” will become extinct. Flexibility will become the order of the day at
work. Look out for relaxed dress codes, open-door policies, a constant questioning of the way things are and new ways of working together.

If your company is open to nurturing your professional growth, jump on the online learning trend and consider doing a short course to boost your business acumen and expand your skillset.