Support a Loved One on a Learning Journey

Support is continuously advocated as critical for those hoping to complete an online course.

Support can originate from all corners, including family, friends and the Learning Journey team which was introduced by DigitalCampus to check-in with students, answer queries and provide any assistance needed along the journey from a course’s start to its completion.

Learning Journey manager, Denise Pivacic, believes that the support her team provides is partly behind DigitalCampus’ benchmark 99% retention rate. She says that it’s often about finding a way to connect with students effectively, regardless of what kind of assistance is required.

Commonly referred to as the campus mother, Pivacic says the students who perform the best often have a strong network of supporters behind them. “Having a team of people you care about cheering you on makes you feel more invested and accountable, and gives you that little extra push, especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed.”

She says friends and families can support students in the following ways:

1. Be understanding

Support a learner you love by being understanding if he/she can’t make a social gathering due to having to study. Learners will have to make sacrifices to ensure they cover all course material, so friends and family need to be cognisant and accepting of this.

2. Be a study buddy

Often people learn effectively by explaining new concepts to family and friends. Provide support by allowing a learner to talk through coursework to you – you can even test a friend by using flash-cards to aid the process of memorising material.

3. Check-in

If a learner asks you to, consider checking in weekly to ensure he/she is on top of her study schedule. This will help keep him/her accountable and on track.

The learning Journey team stays in regular contact with learners, informing them of new module releases, assisting them with short course queries and encouraging them to complete their learning goals and assignments. Pivacic is always on-hand to provide a comforting word of advice – she is the campus mother after all!

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