The 3 Cs your job should make you feel

Unlike our parents and grandparents before us, many of us are not focusing on retirement as the prize for life-long commitment to a 9 to 5. The increasing emphasis on work:life balance or blend is indicative of how we value our time at work, and how the time spent at work needs to be valuable – and not just in a financial sense.

If your job is not making you feel these 3 Cs, maybe it’s time to find one that does.

1. Content

“Going into work should bring a smile to your face and the knowledge that you belong. But no one is ever always happy at work. It’s work, after all. People will always rather do less than more; it’s in our nature. But you should feel content with what you’re doing for a living. It may not be your ideal job. It may be a stepping stone to something greater. But you should not hate going into work,” says Paul Hudson, writing for The REAL Success Network*.

This contentment is based on a number of factors, further elaborated in the two Cs to follow. But reward is an important factor. This is not reward in the financial sense, however, Hudson points out: “A rewarding job is the only kind of job worth having. Just be careful about how you measure reward. Sometimes it really isn’t worth the trouble.”

2. Curious

A rewarding job is one that stimulates curiosity and a sense of optimism. Hudson says, “Being bored at work is a signal that you should go job hunting. Find a job that makes you eager to learn, and you’ll never go into work hating your day.”

Eternal curiosity, the need to learn and keep learning, is born from the need to be fuelled by optimism: “There is one sure way of knowing that you need to quit your job ASAP. And that’s when you are beginning to feel like you’re losing hope – when you dread waking up for the next day,” argues Hudson

3. Challenged

Curiosity and optimism are fuelled by challenge and motivation. Hudson argues that “Having an easy job can be nice, especially when you come in hungover and running on three hours of sleep. But it can also make you completely miserable.”

Without challenge, there is no motivation: “Motivation fuels us. We do everything out of motivation. Every single thing. Motivation gives us reason to move, to do, to make changes, and to keep living,” says Hudson.

Contentment, curiosity and challenge: the three Cs to measure your current job against. Is your job rewarding? Does it fuel your optimism? Does it motivate you?

If it doesn’t, remaining optimistic and motivating yourself to find reward within your current job situation is one option: pursue job contentment through challenging yourself and quenching your sense of curiosity. Perhaps pursuing an online course is all that is required to change things around for you at work.

Should the learning itself not alleviate the disenchantment you feel in your current job, an online course can not only be an end in itself, but a means to an end – closing those competency gaps, improving your on-the-job skills and your CV, empowering you to ask for that promotion or pursue that career change.

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* Paul Hudson, ‘If Your Job Doesn’t Make You Feel These 6 Things, Then You Should Quit,’ The REAL Success Network, 21 September 2015,