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Course overview

Retail management is essential to the success of any retail establishment. It entails looking after store employees, meeting sales targets, promoting products and services, supervising the daily operations of a retail outlet, and, most importantly, maintaining customer satisfaction.

In this course, you will learn about the retailing environment, distribution and marketing channels, merchandise management and planning, what it takes to leverage integrated marketing communications, multi-channel and online retailing, segmentation and targeting, pricing strategies, and what it takes to develop a retail strategy and more.

The aim of this course is to provide both practical and theoretical insight into 21st century retailing, by gaining the relevant skills to design and implement innovative retail strategies, both from a local and global perspective.

Course curriculum

  • Module 1: Introduction to retail management, environment and trends
  • Module 2: Merchandise management
  • Module 3: Marketing in retailing: Integrated marketing communications
  • Module 4: Multi-channel and online retailing
  • Module 5: Customer Behaviour and Customer Relationship Management
  • Module 6: Pricing strategies and customer lifetime value
  • Module 7: Retail human resource management
  • Module 8: Retail management in the real world: Developing a retail strategy

Course outcomes

  • Gain thorough insight into 21st century retailing trends that your brand can utilise to create a competitive advantage
  • insight into the effectiveness of merchandise management
  • Developing an innovative integrated marketing communication strateg
  • The role of multi-channel and online retailing
  • Insight into customer behaviour and customer relationship management
  • Develop pricing strategies to enhance customer lifetime value
  • Gain insight into human resource management
  • Developing a comprehensive retail strategy


Dr Melissa Zulu, Dr Marike Venter de Villiers

Course summary

8 weeks consecutive online content
Online exam in week 10
Language: English

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Dr Melissa Zulu, Dr Marike Venter de Villiers

Dr Melissa Zulu

Lecturer and Chair of Branding & Marketing Committee – School of Business Sciences, Wits University PhD in Business Sciences in retail innovation effect on customer retention in the Township Economy Lecturer and course writer

Dr Marike Venter de Villiers

Senior Lecturer and Head of Department in Marketing – School of Business Sciences, Wits University PhD in Business Sciences in experiential retailing and the use of multi-sensory marketing in influencing consumer’s in store experience Lecturer and course writer.