Early Childhood Intervention

Course information

Format: Wits certified online short course

Certification: Wits University certificate of competence

Duration: 10 weeks

Breakdown: 8 weeks consecutive online lectures, one exam in week 10

Hours per week: 5 to 7

Language: English


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Course outcomes
  • Explain the underlying principles of Early Intervention (EI) for an infant or child who is deaf or hard of hearing (DHH) and outline the roles and responsibilities of early interventionists.
  • Outline and compare the developmental, cognitive, socio-emotional and speech and language milestones of infants and children from birth to three years.
  • Discuss the anatomy of the ear and classify hearing and hearing loss and the causes.
  • Outline and critically analyse the effects of different degrees of hearing loss on families and children.
  • Outline what is involved in conducting paediatric hearing assessments, the types of assessment and the benefits and challenges associated with the assessments.
  • Describe the types of devices that allow a child to gain access to or process sound and outline the candidacy criteria for each device.
  • Critically discuss the various language and communication interventions available for children who are deaf and hard of hearing (DHH).
  • Outline and discuss the needs of infants and children who are deaf and hard of hearing and have additional needs based on particular conditions or illnesses.
Course Curriculum
  • Module 1: Introduction to Early Intervention
  • Module 2: Early childhood development milestones
  • Module 3: Hearing and hearing loss
  • Module 4: Impact of hearing loss
  • Module 5: Paediatric hearing assessment
  • Module 6: Intervention - rehabilitation technology
  • Module 7: Language and Communication
  • Module 8: Children with additional needs
Course Overview
Early intervention positively impacts a child’s life and developmental path, significantly improving outcomes for the children and their families by helping families better meet their children’s needs from an early age and throughout their lives. The course introduces the concept of Early Intervention and looks at the policies and laws in place internationally, implementation in developing nations and the impact on young children with early intervention hearing loss needs.
Prof Claudine Storbeck et al
Lecturer Overview:

Prof Claudine Storbeck

Prof Claudine Storbeck is the Founder and Director of the Centre for Deaf Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand. She has been involved in issues surrounding Deaf Education and Deaf Studies for 27 years.

Caitlin Wakefield

Caitlin Wakefield studied Audiology at UKZN, graduating in 2015. After completing her community service year, she joined KwaThintwa School for the Deaf as an Audiologist and has been working with preschool learners for the last four years.

Tamsin Geddes

Tamsin Geddes has a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Intervention from Pretoria University and a BSc. Audiology (Hons.) degree from the University of Cape Town. She has worked with children and adults in both the public and private healthcare sectors as an audiologist. At present, she works for herself at The Baby & Child Wellness Centre in Johannesburg alongside a team of healthcare professionals.
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