Abongile Silonga: Digital Marketing Specialist

We are proud to introduce Abongile Silonga, Digital Marketing Specialist for Wits DigitalCampus. Below Abongile commented on his journey in life, his career and how his passion play out in his role at Wits DigitalCampus.

“I knew I was meant to be an entrepreneur the moment I ran my first business at age 6 in Grade 1, selling crayons to fellow classmates. Although I have been entrepreneurial from the start, I always possessed a creative mind. Having gone to a disadvantaged school in the dusty streets of Mdantsane, I started varsity with zero knowledge of computers, I had actually never touched one before.

I saw a market gap on campus, one that would monopolize graphic designing. There was a huge demand for event posters, hoodie and t-shirt designs, etc., but there were no go-to creatives. I was driven to become that one creative everyone came to, but the problem was…I was computer illiterate. One thing I had was a growth mindset and eagerness to learn.

I taught myself how to use Adobe Photoshop and established my own graphic designing business within months and closed that gap as anticipated. I suddenly became the go-to Creative Guru on campus, a computer enthusiast learning every computer skill and software possible, whilst possessing Economics and Financial knowledge.

After graduation, I began my professional career in the investments industry, then moved on to the business acquisitions realm. I have learnt the art of growing businesses and activating sales through pipeline building and lead generation, which all requires good business acumen and a creative mindset. I’ve also learnt that doing what you love motivates you to wake up every morning ready to kick ass. What I love is contributing to growing businesses and making them the best that they can be using my unique skill set and expertise!

I am skilled in Lead Generation, Pipeline Management, Client Relationship Building, Business Process Development, Data Analytics, Market Research, & Digital Marketing.”