Darly Mtsweni: Sales Lead Generator

We are proud to introduce Darly Mtsweni, Sales Lead Generator for Wits DigitalCampus.

Her role as Sales Lead Generator is to research, engage and understand every prospective client’s unique circumstances in respect of how Wits DigitalCampus can best partner with them.

Darly is a dynamic, disciplined, self-motivated and confident individual who enjoys facing challenges and working them through, while remaining focused, committed and conscious.

Darly commented on being part of the Wits DigitalCampus team as follows:

“I find it so heart-warming being able to assist our learners and specifically assisting them in making the right choice about the course they want to do and understanding the specific progress they are trying to make in their career, no matter their specific circumstances. I enjoy connecting with our learners and having a deeper conversation about how important it is to have a clear understanding of why they want to do a specific course and what outcomes they want to achieve. Through what I do daily, I fulfil one of my passions in building strong relationships with our learners and giving them the best service they deserve.