Denise Pivacic: Learning Journey Manager

We are proud to introduce Denise Pivacic, Learning Journey Manager for Wits DigitalCampus.

Denise is an experienced Project Manager, Coach, Mentor, Stakeholder Manager and Student Support Specialist. Denise has 15 years’ experience in the field of Training and Education, in the various roles of stakeholder manager, learner support, reporting and management functions.

Her role as Learning Journey Manager is to guide all DigitalCampus learners through every aspect of their learning journey and to ensure that every learner has the very best learning experience. Denise has a degree in Social Science from the University of the Free Sate and is a qualified assessor and moderator.

Denise describes her leadership capabilities as being strong, extremely focused and meticulous. She coaches, guides and assists fellow team members and learners in achieving the highest possible standards of excellence across all facets of learning and day-to-day activities.

She is extremely passionate about her family, which includes a husband and two daughters. They share a love of sport and adventure and can usually be found pursuing some type of outdoor activity on the weekend.