Gavin Olivier: Managing Executive & Senior Partner

Gavin dreams of reaching people and growing their effectiveness beyond their own expectations. He believes that all people are filled with potential and he realises that they need the encouragement and the will to realise their dreams.

When asked to share his thoughts on Wits DigitalCampus, Gavin had this to say, “The Wits DigitalCampus team are an exceptional group of people and I am really inspired by their passion and tenacity. The partnership with Wits University affords DigitalCampus the opportunity to shape the lives of professionals in business and beyond positively by offering occupationally directed online short courses that measurably make an impact on their performance. The quality of the learning experience is fundamental to the success and I believe we have developed an exceptional catalogue of online courses that continue to grow.”

Gavin joined LRMG (Wits DigitalCampus partner) in 2007 as Programme Manager and was accountable for the design, development and implementation of a broad-based education programme aimed at educating 28 000 people in basic financial literacy.

After receiving a promotion to Managing Executive of the Learning Solutions Business Unit, Gavin managed the delivery of learning programmes, e-learning and performance enabling technology in 2008. He has worked extensively on large technology implementations over the past nine years and has led the LRMG technology implementation team for seven years. In January 2017, Gavin joined the Wits DigitalCampus team as the Wits DigitalCampus Managing Executive.