Michelle Phipson: Business Development Executive

We are proud to introduce Michelle Phipson, Business Development Executive for Wits DigitalCampus.

Michelle is passionate about her own self-development and about helping others to reach their full potential and thinks it makes the journey all the more pleasant and rewarding to travel it with people you can call your tribe. Michelle believes in building and encouraging others, in authenticity, and in loyalty and consistency.

Michelle is proficient in building mutually beneficial partnerships, creating win-win situations and naturally takes on a leadership role in any working environment.

Michelle believes in, and is passionate about building people. She also enjoys collaborating with others to develop optimal ways of achieving results and thrives when sharing ideas and concepts with positive people.

Hobbies and interests include learning new things, painting, cooking, meditation and yoga.

In Michelle’s role, she represents Wits DigitalCampus to business and corporate stakeholders in a sales role. Michelle strives to work constantly with her clients to advise them of the best solutions that will have the greatest impact on the learners’ lives as well as the organisation, thus building long lasting partnerships.