Finance for Non-Financial Managers Online Short Course

Whether you’re a doctor, hairdresser, or owner of a profitable pet parlour, good financial management is key to any company meeting its business objectives. The ability to manage funds efficiently comes from selecting an appropriate strategy, sticking to a budget, conducting a break even analysis and keeping up with cash flow and understanding income statements. Master these skills and more in the 10 week Finance for the Non-Financial Mangers online short course.

Course lecturer: A member of the SA Institute of Professional Accountants, Wits Plus lecturer John Borthwick has a wealth of experience as a financial consultant for multiple international industry goliaths, including Volvo.

Course outcomes
  • Apply key financial terms to the successful management of a business operation
  • Analyse income statements, balance sheets and cashflow statements
  • Set a budget for a business operation
  • Conduct a financial analysis
Course information:

Format: Online short course

Course Starts: 5 February 2018

Length: 10 weeks

Breakdown: 8 weeks consecutive online lectures, one exam in week 10

Hours per week: 5 to 7

Price: R12 500 including VAT

Language: English

Course modules
  • Module 1: A Business Operation.
  • Module 2: Key Financial Terms.
  • Module 3: Income Statement.
  • Module 4: Balance sheet and cash flow statement
  • Module 5: Setting the Budget of a Business Operation.
  • Module 6: Using the Budget to Control Income and the Balance Sheet.
  • Module 7: Break Even Analysis.
  • Module 8: Financial Year End Statements.
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Finance for Non-Financial Managers Online Short Course
Online short Course and Lecturer Overview
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