Operations Management Practice Online Short Course

Efficient management of the operations of any business requires the vision to convert resources like staff and materials into profitable business outcomes. If you want to become a profit-maximising machine, this is the best Operations Management Practice online short course to empower you to ensure strategies are executed efficiently and resources are utilised to their full potential.  Learn to design products and processes, oversee operational tasks, control stock and manage projects. After 10 weeks, you’ll have new capabilities that’ll be an asset to any business you’re in.

Course lecturer: With 16 years of experience as Wits’ senior lecturer in operations and technology, Mike Mundy has lectured internationally at the University of the Netherlands and University of Wales. Past consulting clients include Harmony Gold, Afrox and Nedbank.

Course outcomes
  • Ability to conceive a big-picture overview of the role of operations in an organisation and its impact on competitiveness and productivity
  • Understanding of effective product, service, process and operations network design
  • Ability to use physical layout, technology and job design principles to optimise the total customer experience
  • Knowledge of efficient stock control techniques and vital failure prevention and recovery skills
  • Knowledge of lean manufacturing and total quality management
Course information:

Format: Online short course

Course Starts: 23 April 2018

Length: 10 weeks

Breakdown: 8 weeks consecutive online lectures, one exam in week 10

Hours per week: 5 to 7

Price: R13 500 including VAT

Language: English

Course curriculum
  • Module 1: The role of operations in an organisation
  • Module 2: The role of design in the workplace
  • Module 3: Maximising the customer experience
  • Module 4: Planning, control and capacity planning techniques
  • Module 5: Stock management principles
  • Module 6: Stock control techniques
  • Module 7: The role of project management
  • Module 8: Quality control, failure prevention and recovery techniques
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Operations Management Practice Online Short Course
Online short Course and Lecturer Overview
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