Effective and efficient accounting and bookkeeping is the backbone of every business. Whether you’re a bookkeeper, financial clerk or business manager, in the financial department of a business, or a business manager experiencing a growing exposure to the company’s financial statements, a solid understanding of basic business accounting will assist you in broadening your financial skill set.

This course outlines and builds on the accounting terms and principles taught at school, and builds on this, adding business application tools and tips. Reimagine your career when you’re well-versed in accounting terms and principles, able to apply the accounting equation to business, and comfortable with analysing the company’s financial statements.

Reimagine your professional success if you could understand financial statements and extract the financial information you need to add to your department or business unit’s financial success.

Course overview

This course will provide knowledge about accounting terms and principles, as well as outline the financial role-players and business entities. The course delves into detail about the cash book receipts, payments tax and bank reconciliations, as well as the debtors and creditors ledger and reconciliations. Learners will apply the accounting equation to the formulation of trial balances and financial statements. A module on the application of financial statements teaches learners to interpret financial reports, following legal requirements and expected reporting formats. By the end of the course learners will be able to understand basic business accounting statements and extract valuable financial information.

Target audience

The target audience of this course includes bookkeepers or financial clerks who wish to broaden their financial skills, as well as business managers or entrepreneurs who need to understand basic business accounting to ensure proper financial management of their business, or anyone looking to add basic business accounting to their skill set.

This 10-week course launches on the 13 June 2016. Visit our website to register: https://digitalcampus.co.za/

This course was developed by Wits Plus, the Centre for Part-Time Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) and is accredited by Wits. You will receive a certificate of competence from Wits Plus once you have successfully completed the course. The course is presented by Wits Plus in partnership with DigitalCampus, a division of LRMG.