Wits Plus lecturer Jeanette Fourie brings you a 10-week fully digitised online short course that will positively impact the most important business relationship of all: the relationship with your customer.

In today’s competitive and ever-evolving business world, the customer is not only always right – they have the right and the opportunity to build relationships with whomever they choose. To drive a truly customer-centric business, organisations need to understand the customer’s journey as they consider, evaluate and decide which brand or product to purchase. A broad smile is no longer sufficient to meet customer expectations and customer loyalty is hard-won and should be fiercely protected by building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with customers.

In this online short course, the requirements for meeting and exceeding customer needs are explored on a personal, team and organisational level. A customer-centric culture is explained in the context of daily organisational activities and underpinning leadership behaviours. The importance of measuring and reporting on the success of customer interactions with key metrics is explained, as well as best practice ways in which to deal with customer complaints and queries. The online short course outlines how all organisational stakeholders can use continuous improvement to consider how their customer-facing role may be impacted and driven by the needs and trends of the next generation of customers.

Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be rewarded with a Certificate of Competence. Learners will also have a deep understanding of customer needs, the customer journey, the steps in relationship building and customer-centricity and the metrics required to ensure effective and efficient measurements of customer service.

Get customer-centric, build customer relationships and networks and ensure continuous improvement in your organisation’s customer relationships and loyalty. Register your employees now at www.digitalcampus.co.za