People are your organisation’s greatest asset. Managing those Human Resources well requires the implementation of a set of fundamental Human Resource practices. Many organisations invest in Human Resource professionals to manage this function, but a growing global trend towards greater involvement from line management in the management of their people necessitates a broader understanding of Human Resource practices across the business.

Reimagine your career when you understand and are able to apply the fundamental Human Resource practices that your people and organisation needs. One of DigitalCampus’ latest courses, Fundamental Human Resource Practices, written by former South African Breweries Human Resource Executive, Rob van der Schyff, gives a broad overview of the organisational Human Resource landscape and expert advice on the practices that are fundamental to business success.

Whether you are a Human Resource professional, line manager or business owner, you will obtain vital knowledge, skills and tools from this course, helping you to look after your business’s best asset, and by extension your business, in the best possible way.

This course explores a set of basic guidelines and practices relevant to Human Resource management in an organisation. All the different parts of Human Resource management are considered, with a broad overview of each part and an outline of the role Human Resource professionals and line managers can play in each.

The course begins on the 23rd of May, 2016 and is an eight-week online course. An additional two weeks will be spent on the course introduction, studying and examination. From beginning to end, the course period is 10 weeks.

This course was developed by Wits Plus, the Centre for Part-Time Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) and is accredited by Wits. You will receive a certificate of competence from Wits Plus once you have successfully completed the course. The course is presented by Wits Plus in partnership with DigitalCampus, a division of LRMG.

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