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Are you looking to improve your B-BBEE Scorecard?

Are you looking for areas where you can have the greatest impact on your scorecard, drive the performance of staff and improve business results?

Skills development is a priority element which contributes 20 points
(and 5 bonus points) of the total generic B-BBEE scorecard. As a priority element a minimum of 40% of the points must be scored to avoid dropping a level. Within the Skills development element, under the skills matrix the categories of B, C and D are where businesses can have the greatest impact.

Our courses are fully accredited by Wits University as well as compliant with all the other elements as outlined by the Codes of Good Practice and are therefor recognised in Category B.

What does this mean for businesses?

It means that as a business you can recognise any designated employees’ salary for the duration of the course as well as the actual spend on the courses against your targeted scorecard spend.

We have a number of clients that have successfully made use of Wits DigitalCampus courses to make an impact on their staff performance, improve business results as well as reach their Scorecard targets. Most recently a client with a major payroll managed to improve their scorecard  by 2,5 points and avoided dropping a level.

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