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Customer service shouldn’t just be a
department, it should be the entire company.
- Tony Hsieh

See what our customers have to say about Wits DigitalCampus and their experience with our team, their course and the support they received throughout their learning journey.

Customer service shouldn’t just be a department, it should be the entire company.
- Tony Hsieh

See what our customers have to say about Wits DigitalCampus and their experience with our team, their course and the support they received throughout their learning journey.

What our previous learners have said about us

Keneiloe Selamolela

Principles of Learning and Development

Keep doing what you’re doing, do not lose the focus and you’re doing a great job keep it up.

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Gontse Magau

Operations Management Practice

DigitalCampus has helped me, and I am sure it can help you as well to bridge the gaps in your career.

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Godfrey & Pulani

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Practice

The future is integrated, I would encourage everyone to go through online studies and Wits DigitalCampus is a solution, you can finish your course and enhance your employability.

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Joseph Mohlakoane

Basic Business Accounting

What I like about DigitalCampus as opposed to attending part-time or full-time is that you can study at your pace.

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Craig McKenzie

Principles of Management

You get those aha moments when you’re working and studying at the same time. The content that you’re studying might not be different from what you studied in varsity, but being in the field and being able to apply the knowledge was a key differentiator for me.

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Paul Motibane

Advanced Project Management

The DigitalCampus team has been very helpful and supportive, any issues that I had were resolved right on time and I encourage everyone who wants to study further to give it a chance.

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Tess Brooks

Principles of Project Management

It has been such a great learning experience. It brought about great excitement seeing my results week after week. This course has been a phenomenal opportunity to gain additional qualification which is in line with and beneficial to my current job. I am grateful for the opportunity given to have gained more knowledge.

Carica Cox

Principles of Project Management

I loved the support which I got from the Digital Campus team, they were always willing to help and try to make the course as pleasant as possible.

Deborah Chadwick

Principles of Project Management

I found the course modules to be well-written and fairly easy to understand; the video clips were entertaining and presented practical examples; the optional progress checks and module summaries gave much needed guidance in respect of “am I on the right track”. The lecturer, although clearly knowledgeable, was for me a little ‘flat’ and not as engaging as I would have liked, but many others felt differently to me on that. What stood out for me most in respect of my experiences was the level of support I received. Truly superb. I always felt I could call upon someone for assistance, clarity, motivation. When I have more time available for study I will not hesitate to take another course.

Clinton Koch

Principles of Project Management

I have had the most wonderful experience with going through the DigitalCampus learning journey! I appreciate that the course itself caters for all the different learning styles and puts a practice and real life leans on the problems at hand while still having a deep theoretical element for those times when you want to deep dive in a concept. The support and guidance is unparalleled to anything I have ever experienced in my academic life and I would recommend DigitalCampus for any hungry and driven professional looking to take the next step in their career and life.

Robin Cox

Principles of Project Management

This was the first online certificated course that I completed and I must say that the process was absolutely flawless. Denise was great at answering any questions that I had. I expected to feel quite disconnected, not having direct contact with a lecturer or tutor, but this was not the case. I would definitely do another course if given the opportunity.

Bianca Scott

Managing Labour Relations

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your team for the excellent and professional service and support received from the Wits University Digital Campus while completing my Managing Labour Relations Course. The course material, digital lectures and notes were always on time and professionally presented.

Hannes Du Toit

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

I expected that with online learning you’d be left to your own devices. This was, however, not true because through the online channel, forums, and messaging system I had the support and help of my fellow students and a lecturer who was just a mouse click away. The interface was very easy to navigate and understand.
The course has helped me to better understand the field that I work in and changed my tunnel vision to a more broad perspective. It helped me see where I fit into the supply chain of our company.
DigitalCampus has helped further my education in my field. It also helped me support my reasons for a promotion because I was able to show that I understand the broader view of my role in the company.
I never believed in distance study. I, however, proved myself wrong as I found it is possible to study online while still maintaining full performance at work. This course helped me gain a lot of self-discipline needed to study on my terms and still excel.

Lindy Arendse

Principles of Project Management

It was an awesome and great learning experience and also an amazing opportunity.

Brent Davids

Principles of Project Management

This has been very useful. I use the project principles and methodologies in my day-to-day work and personal functions. The course gave me more courage to get back into studying and I am therefore looking forward to doing another Digital Campus course soon.

Amanda Finnegan

Specialised Learning and Development

The structure of the course and the rhythms that it forces you to follow, enable weekly learning. The module assessments on a weekly basis prepare you for the final summative assessment – something that unassisted, self-paced courses do not do. The experience manages to gently get rusty ‘formal learners’ like myself going.

Mahlatsi Dibuseng

Customer Relationship Building

I found the course very interesting because it allowed one to interact with other students. It exceeded my expectations as I always thought that online courses were boring. The video content allowed me to understand better as I am a visual learner.
The course material had great seamless continuity. I often found myself looking forward to the next module. It has empowered me to apply all that I have learnt to better my organisation. I am inspired to do more courses and to improve my knowledge.
The constant communication from the course leader was great. It was a great experience and I am looking forward to my next course.

Hessy Setlolamathe

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Practice

Hessy’s story is truly inspiring and proves that hard work and continued learning and development of oneself is fulfilling and brings many rewards.
Hessy started her journey at her current company (Hotel Amenities Suppliers) as a cleaner. After she successfully completed her course and received her Certificate of competence, she proved her immense value to the company and was promoted to Assistant Warehouse Manager.

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