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Governance and Ethics

Online Course

Organisations form an integral part of the society in which they operate. Through their value and supply chains, as well as their stakeholder relationships, organisations can affect large numbers of people. What used to be regarded as ethical by society and business has shifted and continues to change. Managing these evolving expectations can only be…

Introduction to Research Methodology

Online Course

All decisions relating to business (from responding to customer’s evolving needs and preferences to conducting culture or employee engagement surveys), to scientific findings (i.e. diagnosis, treatment, new inventions), and government (i.e. regulations and policies) are best made on the basis of ethical and sound research methodology. This plays a significant role in assisting to identify the problem, obtain the right data, outline objectives and draw sound conclusions. If you would like to master the ability to turn data into valuable information, interpreting it accurately and making the correct inferences, and you would like to learn how to conduct, analyse and present research then this course is for you. Individuals who are looking to conduct research for reporting purposes (integrated, annual, sustainability or showcase reports), tertiary students with aspirations of doing a post graduate qualification or senior level staff who would like to embark on their Master’s Degree, would be well suited to this course.

Duncan Raftesath

Our Team

Duncan is the Chief Executive Officer of  Wits Enterprise -  a wholly owned subsidiary of Wits University that provides services in the areas of short course training, contract research, consulting, innovation and entrepreneurship.  He is an experienced manager and investment professional and has a background in chemical engineering.  His investment experience is spread between the…

Are you ready for the New Year?


The start of a new year is often a time for reflection, resolutions and new beginnings, a time of renewal and review. It’s also a time for letting go, cutting ties that bind and hold us to things, people and behaviours. As the year started, I was reminded of the chaos and noise in which…

Amanda Finnegan


The structure of the course and the rhythms that it forces you to follow, enable weekly learning. The module assessments on a weekly basis prepare you for the final summative assessment – something that unassisted, self-paced courses do not do. The experience manages to gently get rusty ‘formal learners’ like myself going.

Aneesah Davids


This course has exceeded my expectations as I am a visual learner; the added aid of the video content made it so much easier to understand. It was accessible at any time, and I also had the benefit of immediately applying the knowledge and skills to my day-to-day work and personal environment. DigitalCampus has given…

Arifa Essop


My initial expectation was that this course would provide in-depth information on all aspects related to human resources and it has provided exactly that. I am now more familiar with HR and in a better position to be a leader. From a leadership perspective, my future goals have been addressed. DigitalCampus has enabled me to…

Bianca Scott


I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your team for the excellent and professional service and support received from the Wits University Digital Campus while completing my Managing Labour Relations Course. The course material, digital lectures and notes were always on time and professionally presented.

Brent Davids


This has been very useful. I use the project principles and methodologies in my day-to-day work and personal functions. The course gave me more courage to get back into studying and I am therefore looking forward to doing another Digital Campus course soon.

Candy Kooi


As a baby boomer, I did not always understand why the millennials are always so busy on their phones and social media, and they why they didn’t interact face to face. This course has opened my understanding! I am a corporate account manager and have been in the field for around 29 years. I have…