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What is Credly?

Credly is a digital credentialing platform that allows organizations, educational institutions, and certification bodies to issue, manage, and verify digital credentials. Digital credentials are a modern way to represent and share achievements, skills, and qualifications online. They serve as a digital representation of traditional certificates, diplomas, badges, and other forms of recognition, making it easier for individuals to showcase their accomplishments and for organisations to validate them.

Elevate Your Profile with Portable, Verified, and Data-Rich Digital Credentials!

In today’s fast-paced world, showcasing your skills is crucial. That’s why digital credentials are a game-changer! 🎯 Whether you’re a learner, a professional, or someone looking to upskill, these credentials provide the PROOF you need to stand out. 🌟

✅ Easily Shareable: With just a few clicks, you can share your achievements across all your social media platforms. Let your network know about your successes! 🌐

📈 Grow Professionally: Level up your skills and watch your career soar. These credentials are your ticket to new opportunities and growth. 🚀

👔 Impress Managers: Catch the attention of your managers by showcasing your skills directly to them. They’ll recognize your dedication to improvement! 💼

🔍 Unlock Possibilities: Discover new professional pathways you might not have considered before. Your credentials could lead you to exciting new endeavors. 🌈

Why should I accept my badge?

Accepting your badge on Credly serves multiple purposes, including the creation of a digital backpack or portfolio of all your badges earned across different institutions or organisations. Here’s how it works:

Centralized Badge Collection: When you accept a badge on Credly, it gets added to your Credly profile. This creates a centralised and easily accessible collection of all the badges you’ve earned, regardless of where they were issued.

Badge Portability: Credly‘s digital backpack feature allows you to carry your badges with you throughout your career and education journey. You can access your badges from anywhere with an internet connection, making it convenient for showcasing your achievements to potential employers, educational institutions, or anyone else interested in your qualifications.

Sharing and Display: Credly provides tools and options to display and share your badges on social media, your personal website, or online résumés. You can choose which badges to display and control who can view them.

Verification: When you accept a badge on Credly, you verify your ownership and the authenticity of the credential. This adds a layer of trust to the digital badge system, as viewers can confirm that you are the rightful recipient of the badge.

Credential Transparency: By accepting and displaying your badges in a centralised manner on Credly, you contribute to the transparency and credibility of the digital badge ecosystem. It becomes easier for others to verify your qualifications and achievements.

In essence, Credly‘s platform acts as a digital backpack for your badges, allowing you to organize, showcase, and share your achievements from various institutions or organizations. It simplifies the process of presenting your credentials to others and provides a trusted platform for credential verification

How do you earn a Digital Credential with DigitalCampus?

It is essential to have successfully met the minimum requirements necessary to qualify for the Digital Credential. Once you have successfully completed and passed your course, you will receive an email to accept your digital credential.

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