Emotional Intelligence

Course information

Format: Wits certified online short course

Certification: Wits University certificate of competence

Duration: 10 weeks

Breakdown: 8 weeks consecutive online lectures, one exam in week 10

Hours per week: 6 to 8

Language: English


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Course outcomes
  • Enable staff to improve their effectiveness through understanding their impact on others and effectively use best practice EI skills and tools
  • Enable leaders to better manage relationships, develop talent and deepen employee and customer engagement and loyalty
Course Curriculum
  • Module 1: The Principles and Concepts of Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • Module 2: Emotional Intelligence Qualities and Skills
  • Module 3: Emotional Intelligence: Element 1 - Self-awareness
  • Module 4: Emotional Intelligence: Element 2 - Self-regulation
  • Module 5: Emotional Intelligence: Element 3 - Motivation
  • Module 6: Emotional Intelligence: Element 4 - Empathy
  • Module 7: Emotional Intelligence: Element 5 - Social
  • Module 8: Emotional Intelligence at Work
Course Overview
Being a conscious leader, mindful of your impact on others, is a core capability of effective leaders. Today, more than ever, in the dynamic changeable world in which we live, we need to be more self-aware and understand how our behaviour impacts those around us. Leading others and leading businesses starts with leading yourself, and building an understanding of your emotional states, where they originate from and how they affect relationships is a crucial skill that modern leaders need to develop.

This course is designed to equip you with an understanding of the concepts relating to Emotional Intelligence and how they can be honed to improve your ability to lead more effectively. Working remotely has demanded even more of us as leaders, and our ability to self-regulate and be conscious of ourselves and others is a key capability explored in the course. Whilst leaders will benefit from this experience, so too will customerfacing staff in the sales, service and marketing functions.

Emotional Intelligence is a very learnable skill and, with the necessary guidance and practice, you can grow your emotional quotient over time.

This can be the first step in that journey. This course also includes two live, virtual classroom sessions with Carl Wagner to afford you the opportunity to really get to grips with the new skills learnt during the course.
Carl Wagner
Carl Wagner is a senior lecturer at the Wits Business School. He is a director of BluSkye People Solutions and heads up the assessment and development services division.

As well as being a specialist in assessment and development, Carl works extensively in the area of executive coaching and mentoring. He also consults at project management level on a number of organisational development and change management projects.

Carl has lectured on Organisational Development and Management/Leadership for a number of years, and runs management and leadership development programmes for different companies. He is the programme director for the WBS New Managers Programme and other Executive Education programmes. Carl also holds the position of Executive Fellow for Strathmore Business School in Nairobi.
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