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IT Management for CIO Teams

Online Course

Information technology lies at the heart of every business organisation the world over. Digital transformation is the buzzword in organisations and many IT departments are now expected to engage with the entire business and no longer act as the traditional back-office support function. This disruption of traditional silo’s to encourage a collaborative approach is an…

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Practice

Online Course

The world’s biggest industries rely heavily on supply chains and logistics to produce, transport, store and distribute their goods. Effective supply chain management and logistics is one of the most critical aspects of any company’s success and profitability. And the need for strategic professionals in this field is growing as the global marketplace expands and…

Managing Labour Relations

Online Course

Whether you are an employee or an employer, South Africa’s complex labour law is relevant in your professional life. The Managing Labour Relations online short course aims to give you sound knowledge of our country’s labour landscape, while helping you navigate the employer/employee relationship successfully. Specifically, the course will equip you to handle disputes effectively…

Operations Management Practice

Online Course

Efficient management of the operations of any business requires the vision to convert resources like staff and materials into profitable business outcomes. If you want to become a profit-maximising machine, this is the best Operations Management Practice online short course to empower you to ensure strategies are executed efficiently and resources are utilised to their…

Principles of Learning and Development

Online Course

Continuous learning is vital in a world where technological advances wait for no one! The Principles of Learning and Development online short course will equip you with the know-how to build a professional learning and development function. So whether you are a learning and development practitioner, a line manager who trains staff or a technical…

Principles of Management

Online Course

What makes a good leader? This course will empower you to answer that question. Upskill yourself with the capabilities you need to lead others effectively by mastering basic management theory and practice. Armed with an arsenal of insight, knowledge and tried-and-tested tools, you’ll be able to leverage your resources, identify opportunities for improved project management…

Principles of Marketing

Online Course

We live in a fast-paced, noise-saturated digital environment which means competition for a prospective customers’ attention is rife.  To stand-out from the crowd, it is essential to have a savvy marketing strategy in place to increase online visibility and connect with the right audience. An arsenal of foundational marketing principles and tools will stand you…

Principles of Project Management

Online Course

In today’s fast-paced workplace, many divisions and skillsets have to seamlessly come together at the right times, and across geographies, to deliver harmonious business outcomes. Project Managers are at the centre of this work flow, and are playing an increasingly strategic function in business. As a result, demand for qualified project managers is growing exponentially.…

Strategic Human Resources Management

Online Course

Effective Human Resources Management is key to an organisations success. In today’s business landscape it is critical that you have a Human Resources team that is not only transactional but can contribute at a strategic level to show true value to business.   This course aims to enable Human Resources teams as well as business…

Abongile Silonga

Our Team

We are proud to introduce Abongile Silonga, Digital Marketing Specialist for Wits DigitalCampus. Below Abongile commented on his journey in life, his career and how his passion play out in his role at Wits DigitalCampus. "I knew I was meant to be an entrepreneur the moment I ran my first business at age 6 in…