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Soft Skills Are Power Skills. 5 Ways to Improve Yours.

20 Jun, 2023

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20 Jun, 2023

How to Improve Collaboration in Your Organisation and Your Personal Teamplay 

Teams: small, large, or global; specialist or cross-functional; short-term, project-related or spanning the length of some peoples’ careers.
10 May, 2023

Strategy is Dead. Long Live Strategy

10 considerations to optimise strategy in the turmoil of today’s business world.
16 Mar, 2023

Is Happiness at Work Important? If So, What Can We Do to Foster It?

Non, ruled a French court recently, happiness is not a duty. Employees cannot be forced to have fun at the office.   
20 Feb, 2023

For higher performance and greater resilience, build Bench Strength

Understanding bench strength principles, and improving the bench, is a powerful organisational development exercise.  
09 Dec, 2022

No-Regret Moves to Kickstart 2023, Today

Business, the world of work, our careers and personal lives are all riddled with risk and uncertainty, probably more so today than many of us have experienced before.  
09 Dec, 2022

The Magic of Motivation: 10 Ways to Motivate Yourself and Those Around You

Motivation is a key ingredient for any achievement – personal or professional, individual or collaborative

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