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Advanced Project Management

Online Course

This Advanced Project Management online course builds on the popular Principles of the Project Management course, by deepening insight into project management and its practical applications. Acquire highly sought-after skills and apply the latest in project management approaches to drive critical cross-functional business projects to successful completion. If you’re a project manager or involved in…

Applied Digital Marketing

Online Course

If you find yourself increasingly dependent on your smartphone and laptop for personal admin, entertainment and communication, you are not alone. Your clients are living in the digital space too. Traditional marketing has been thrust into the future with the digitisation of the work and customer space and has demanded that traditional marketing be overhauled…

Basic Business Accounting

Online Course

Accounting savvy is vital to ensure a business is on-track to being profitable, with important money milestones being set and met. Whether you’re a business owner, bookkeeper, financial clerk, in the finance department or a manager with growing exposure to your business’s books, the Basic Business Accounting online short course is ideal for anyone who…

Business Communication Skills

Online Course

Communicating effectively is an invaluable business tool. Strong communication skills will help you get noticed and achieve professional success – and they will help ensure that you consistently secure the results you are aiming for. Communications is evolving rapidly in line with digitisation. The Business Communications Skills online course has been designed to equip you…

Customer Relationship Building

Online Course

Every positive interaction you have with a customer helps build a strong relationship between your business and that customer. The opposite is true if the interaction is less than positive. In fact, the quickest way to lose clients is to interact poorly with them – no matter how good your product, they’ll take their business…

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Online Course

Whether you’re a doctor, hairdresser, or owner of a profitable pet parlour, good financial management is key to any company meeting its business objectives. The ability to manage funds efficiently comes from selecting an appropriate strategy, sticking to a budget, conducting a break even analysis and keeping up with cash flow and understanding income statements.…

Fundamental Human Resource Practices

Online Course

The majority of the world’s leading companies have a human resources director on their board. These companies know that the proper management of people is a strategic imperative and is absolutely critical to the success of their business. Many organisations invest in HR professionals to manage this function, but a growing global trend towards greater…

International Trade: Freight and Cross-Border Management

Online Course

The 21st century has seen major transformations when it comes to importing and exporting. These range from Customs, legal frameworks to technology. Organisations and individuals looking to improve their performance related to importing and exporting require knowledge, skills and practical know how when it comes to freight and cross-border management. In this course we provide…

IT Management for CIO Teams

Online Course

Information technology lies at the heart of every business organisation the world over. Digital transformation is the buzzword in organisations and many IT departments are now expected to engage with the entire business and no longer act as the traditional back-office support function. This disruption of traditional silo’s to encourage a collaborative approach is an…