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Precious Bani


The course has indeed exceeded my expectation, I had a completely different understanding of what operations management was, only to learn that it is something else. I enjoyed the course as this has opened my understanding and mindset to so many prospects. The journey has been an amazing one; I’ve learned so much and am…

Robin Cox


This was the first online certificated course that I completed and I must say that the process was absolutely flawless. Denise was great at answering any questions that I had. I expected to feel quite disconnected, not having direct contact with a lecturer or tutor, but this was not the case. I would definitely do…

Terry Ann Cabrie


Initially I thought that there would be no way that this could be done, however, the way the course has been set out exceeded my expectations. The fundamentals of HR and management working together to achieve the success of our organisation’s goals has been provided through the course content. Thank you to Wits DigitalCampus and…

Tess Brooks


It has been such a great learning experience. It brought about great excitement seeing my results week after week. This course has been a phenomenal opportunity to gain additional qualification which is in line with and beneficial to my current job. I am grateful for the opportunity given to have gained more knowledge.

Thembalethu Kgweru


My initial thoughts of the course were that it will be one of those typical courses where you learn but will not be able to apply what you have learnt. I was however pleasantly surprised. I learnt so much that I am able to follow and give input in our budget planning sessions. This course…

Vusile Maki


This course has empowered me so much that I can see myself as a logistics manager in the future; the organisation I will manage will never fall apart because I have learnt all the types of wastes and how to avoid them so you can benefit in business. I would like to say thank you…

Youlon Naidoo


My initial expectation of the course was that it would be difficult to understand and apply the accounting methodologies via a digital platform. The Wits DigitalCampus platform was an awesome digital learning experience, with various channels available for support and assistance. The platform was easy to navigate and understand. DigitalCampus has indeed assisted with continued…