Gender in Science, Technology and Innovation

Course information

Format: Accredited online short course

Certification: Certificate of competence

Length: 7 weeks

Breakdown: 5 weeks consecutive online lectures, one exam in week 7

Hours per week: 3 to 4

Language: English


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Course outcomes
  • Recognise and explain how gender issues thread through all aspects of society, including the sciences (popularly assumed to be free from biases) and technologies (popularly assumed to be gender neutral)
  • Identify and critique gender roles and contributions in science, technology and innovation (STI)
  • Describe supporting gender mainstreaming initiatives
  • Identify longer-term strategies for gender equity in STI
Course Curriculum
  • Module 1: Understanding Gender Concepts
  • Module 2: Gender Mainstreaming
  • Module 3: Gender and Science, Technology and Innovation
  • Module 4: Strengthening Women Advancement
  • Module 5: Case Studies in Managing Gender Issues
Course Overview
The aim of the course is to examine the mutual shaping of gender and science, technology, and innovation (STI) in the national systems of innovation in Africa. It explores how gender becomes imprinted in new scientific knowledge and new technologies, and how women and men encounter the products of science and technology differently.
Michael Conteh & Veronique Penlap
Lecturer Overview:
  • Mr Michael Conteh is a gender specialist, leadership strategist, facilitator, public speaker and social justice advocate, with a unique gift to connect with his audiences and a contagious passion for social transformation. He is is highly skilled in multiple areas including Gender mainstreaming, gender and development, theories on crime causation, security sector reform, restorative justice, gender Justice and the environmental change, domestic violence, and community-police relations
  • Prof Veronique Penlap Beng is Head of the Laboratory for Tuberculosis Research and Pharmacology (Biotechnology Centre of Nkolbisson, University of Yaoundé 1, Cameroon). Prof. Penlap is currently working at the Biochemistry Department of the University of Yaoundé I in Cameroon, and has over 20 years of experience working in the area of molecular epidemiology of infectious diseases and drug development from natural source.
  • Ms Elzarie Swanepoel is the Liaison Officer for Gender in Science, Technology and Innovation at the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf). Her primary responsibilities include the development of gender-conscious and responsive research and innovation (R&I) practice at universities; directing South Africa’s engagement with the Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD) and Gender In Science, Innovation, Technology and Engineering (GenderInSITE). She has experience in both the private and government sectors. She received BSc and BSc (Hons) degrees in 2013 and 2014 from the University of Pretoria. Following a gap year during 2015, she graduated with the highly competitive Postgraduate Programme in Management from WITS Business School in 2016. As part of this programme, she was accepted as an intern at New York University (NYU) where she focused on gender and diversity and graduated with a distinction for the seminar component completed as part of the WITS programme requirements.
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