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University of the Witwatersrand Course

Integrated Thinking and Value Creation (Certificate of Attendance)


15 Jul, 2024

Digital Campus Integrated Thinking and Value Creation (Certificate of Attendance) Course

Course overview

At a time when we are faced with the challenges of social inequality, resource constraints, climate change and, most recently, the effects of COVID-19, what the world needs is an urgent shift from short-term finance centric business models to stakeholder inclusivity, environmental responsibility and long-term sustainability. It is with this in mind that Professor Mervyn King, widely regarded as one of the fathers of corporate governance, is calling for the role of the Chief Financial Officer to become the Chief Value Officer (CVO) instead.

This course examines integrated thinking and value creation in a practical context with a focus on how the CVO, either in a dedicated role or in some other executive capacity, could be expected to oversee the management of multiple types of capital. On completion of the first course, participants will therefore have a detailed understating of the importance of integrated thinking for contemporary business. They will be able to function as CVOs at their respective organisations with an aim to bolstering economic, environmental and social performance.

This online course follows a traditional business school approach. It is designed to provide participants with a conceptual and theoretical appreciation of integrated thinking and value creation in the context of integrated reporting and the role of the CVO. Participants will be exposed to a mix of technical and professional publications, complemented by relevant academic readings and presentations by the academic staff, practitioners and other experts.

Course curriculum

  • Module 1: Integrated Thinking and Value Creation
  • Module 2: Integrated Thinking and the Business Model
  • Module 3: Measuring, Monitoring and Communicating Value Creation
  • Module 4: Collaborative Culture as a Building Block for Integrated Thinking
  • Module 5: Implications of Integrated Thinking

Course outcomes

  • Understand the concepts of integrated thinking and value creation, the importance of integrated thinking in contemporary business environments and the different ways in which value is defined;
  • Explain the impact of integrated thinking on an organisation’s business model and the need for a multi-capital mindset to develop innovative business models capable of sustainable value creation;
  • Understand and evaluate the use of different tools for and approaches to measuring and monitoring value creation;
  • Understand the role of ethics, culture, outcomes-based governance and leadership as enablers of integrated thinking and value creation and the emerging role of the Chief Value Officer; and
  • Explain the consequences of integrated thinking, barriers to integrated thinking and how to overcome these barriers.


Adj Prof Yvette Lange, Danielle Cerbone, Prof Warren Maroun, Prof Mervyn King

Course summary

Format: Wits certified online short course
Certification: Certificate of Attendance from the University of Witwatersrand
Duration: 10 weeks
Language: English
Target Audience: Limited to Registered CA SA (SAICA) members only at present

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Integrated Thinking and Value Creation (Certificate of Attendance)

Adj Prof Yvette Lange, Danielle Cerbone, Prof Warren Maroun, Prof Mervyn King

Some of the leading minds in integrated thinking and value creation will provide input to, and lecture on the course including those from the Wits School of Accountancy and topic experts from the profession and business.

These include:
Adj Prof Yvette Lange, Wits
Danielle Cerbone, Wits
Prof Warren Maroun, Wits
Prof Mervyn King


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Wits online CVO programme - Specialised Accounting