Retail Management

Course information

Participants are required to pass all in-course online tests, and submit all assignments and short essays with a minimum 50% pass rate for all assessments. Formative assessments will be (50%) and summative assessment (50%).

Number of Notional Study Hours: 50

Language: English


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Course outcomes
  • Describe the relevance and role of retail management.
  • Discuss the legal issues of human resource management in the retail industry.
  • Explain the role of visual merchandising, store layout, retail image and store atmospherics.
  • v Outline the requirements of effective integrated marketing communication in retailing and develop a retail communication plan.
  • Illustrate the importance of multi-channel and online retailing, and mobile apps.
  • Describe the importance of customer service, customer relationship management, and the customer decision-making process in retail marketing.
  • Identify target markets and the fulfillment of customer needs.
  • Discuss the impact of Covid on the retail industry, and retail management in a post-Covid context
  • Develop a comprehensive retail strategy, including identifying target markets, meeting customer needs, and monitoring marketing performance.
Course Curriculum
  • Module 1: Introduction to retailing and retail environmental analysis
  • Module 2: Retail Human Resources
  • Module 3: Merchandise management
  • Module 4: Financial strategies in retail
  • Module 5: Integrated marketing communication and promotions
  • Module 6: Multi-channel retailing and online retailing
  • Module 7: Understanding customer behaviour & customer relations management (CRM)
  • Module 8: Developing a retail strategy
Course Overview
The purpose of this course is to equip participants with a sound fundamental knowledge base and skills regarding retail management. The course is aimed at equipping first-line managers with the knowledge and skills required to fulfil their management role within the retail environment. The course has relevance for participants who engage in processes across the retail sector in order to create sustainable value for organisations. The course aims to develop an integrated conceptual understanding, synthesis and application of aims to develop an integrated conceptual understanding, synthesis and application of specific issues in retail management.
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