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University of the Witwatersrand Course

The Digital Transformation Lifecycle


15 Jul, 2024

Digital Campus The Digital Transformation Lifecycle Course

Course overview

Anyone responsible for running a business or organisation in the Digitally Transformed world of the 21st Century is under increasing pressure to “Go Digital”.

This is true whether your organisation is a spaza shop or a multi-national corporation, or whether you are in the public or private sector. This short course looks at the Digital Transformation journey as a lifecycle.

It looks at the phases that need to be traversed in designing or redesigning an organisation to leverage the advantages of modern digital technology. The focus is on digital technology, how it is selected, developed and deployed.

Course curriculum

  • Module 1: What is digital transformation?
  • Module 2: The digital transformation lifecycle
  • Module 3: Innovation and transformation
  • Module 4: Continuous improvement
  • Module 5: A synthesis of digital transformation

Course outcomes

  • Understand the pros and cons of working with lifecycle models
  • View the Digital Transformation (DT) journey via a “Digital Transformation Lifecycle” (DTLC) model
  • Have some familiarity with techniques and tools to develop a business case for Digital Transformation
  • Design and plan solutions for Digital Transformation
  • Understand what is required in implementing a plan for Digital Transformation.


Emeritus Professor Barry Dwolatzky

Course summary

1 week introduction, 5 weeks consecutive online content, online exam in week 8.
Number of weeks: 8
Language: English

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The Digital Transformation Lifecycle

Emeritus Professor Barry Dwolatzky

Emeritus Professor Barry Dwolatzky

Course lecturer for The Digital Transformation Lifecycle BSc Engineering (Wits), PhD (Wits), FSAIEE, Fellow IITPSA Barry Dwolatzky is an Emeritus Professor in the School of Electrical & Information Engineering at Wits University.

He is the founder and Director of the University’s Joburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE). He is also the founder of Wits University’s Tshimologong Digital Innovation Precinct in Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

In July 2021 he was appointed as Director of Innovation Strategy in the Office of the Wits Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research and Innovation. Professor Dwolatzky is a popular keynote speaker and offers advice as an independent software engineering consultant.

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